50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

Birthday PresentsSo she’s turning 50 years old this year, it’s almost her birthday, and you are stumped as to what to get her. Maybe she’s your wife, sister, mother, aunt, co-worker, or just a close friend. Either way, she is special to you and she is hitting that “half century” mark and you need a great gift idea for her that will make her birthday one to remember! Here is a list of some of the best birthday gift ideas. We have provided links where possible to the item or idea we discuss so you can find more information on the gift idea. Remember, what makes a special gift on a birthday isn’t necessarily how useful the item is to the person, but how obvious it is you spent a considerable amount of time picking just the right gift for her.

You have already taken the time to find us here in an attempt to locate just the right gift. That’s a great start! It shows you care enough to spend some time researching the perfect gift idea. Now take a look at some suggestions that might just make her smile!

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Bath and Body Gift Set

Bath and Body Gift SetThis is a great idea for just about any woman. Especially someone close to you like your girlfriend, wife, or sister. It will show her that you really want her to feel good about her self and to pamper herself on her special day. You can even work this theme into the card that you get her along with this gift set. You can say something like, “On your special day, you should pamper yourself in just the right way!” Then she will open up this gift and her eyes will glow!


An Engraved Gift Personalized to Her

Engraved BoxAttention husbands! This is a great 50th birthday gift idea for her that is sure to earn you some extra points. Her face is sure to light up when she sees that you spent the time to get an item custom engraved to mark the occasion. You can even have this ordered online and shipped right to your door. A keepsake like this doesn’t have to be something big and extravagant to be special. The fact that it might have her name along with “Happy 50th Birthday My Love!” or some other personalized message will make her heart melt. Other ideas on when to engrave might be the date you first met, your wedding date, or even just her birth date with a line like “On this day, an angel came down from the heavens.” The box above can be custom engraved to your specifications. Another option is to bring someone she owns (like a favorite necklace or other item close to her heart) and have it custom engraved with your own message. You can bring the item to a custom engraving business such as Things Remembered, and they will add your message onto just about any item you produce for a small fee.


Spa or Massage Gift Card

Spa Gift CardIf the special birthday girl you have in mind has a favorite massage spot, or spa she likes to frequent, a gift card might be just the ticket! If you don’t know where she would like to go to pamper herself, don’t fret! Probably the best thing to come along for men who don’t know where a woman wants to pamper herself at is the Spafinder Wellness 365 Gift Card (available at amazon.com). This amazing little card can be used at 20,000 different spa and wellness (i.e. yoga, facials, massage, etc) locations nationwide. Just about ever city has dozens of locations this card will work at. Amazon wont allow a direct link to this product but just follow this link to amazon.com and search for “Spafinder Wellness 365” and you’ll find it. This card may also be available at your local Costco. Go to spafinder.com to search your city and see what businesses near you this card will work at.


Flowers Shipped to Her Door

Birthday FlowersNeed we say more? A ring at the door bell and a surprise flower delivery just for her on her special day will be sure to make her feel great. You can order flowers online at a variety of places and easily have it sent right to her front door. You can order from places such as 1-800-flowers.com or you can other retailers. Here’s a hint: If you live with the birthday girl, have the flowers shipped to your house anyway. Put a little message with the flowers that ends in “your secret admirer” and you two can laugh and joke about who is sending her these beautiful flowers. Later in the evening you can admit that YOU are her admirer, and always will be!


 An All-Inclusive Vacation

Birthday VacationReally want to go all out? After all you only turn 50 once, right? How about an all inclusive vacation package such as the one pictured above where you don’t have to worry about a thing? Airfare, lodging, food, everything is taken care of. Really give her a chance to unwind for her birthday and who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy it too!


Matching Pajamas

PajamasWomen love to cuddle up and have a relaxing day at home. How great would it be for the two of you to cuddle up in matching pajamas? You can even get a set like what’s pictured above for the whole family (including the dog!). These one even come with your names embroidered on the pajamas. Not a bad gift idea for a woman who likes the occasional evening in relaxing with the family.


 A Night Out on the Town

Night Out on the TownIf your birthday girl is the type to enjoy a fantastic evening out on the town, then give her just that. Maybe go to a play at a local theater, a symphony performance, drinks out at a classy restaurant, dinner in the city, or see the sights! Anything goes here because just that fact that you put in the effort to take her somewhere special will be sure to earn you big bonus points. Hint: For the guys who don’t like the city, you get to earn extra points when you plan something like this for her birthday. If she knows it really isn’t your thing but you do it anyway just for her, and have a fun time with her, you will have one exceedingly happy birthday girl.


Throw A Surprise Party

Surprise Birthday PartyRemember, if you put a lot of hard work into the celebration side of the 50th birthday, then that alone can be a GREAT gift. Take a look at the 50th Birthday Party Ideas section to get some great ideas for the party itself. If the party you plan and execute for her took some effort (and it shows) then it almost doesn’t matter what you get her. The gift was making her 50th birthday one she’ll remember for the rest of her life!


Relaxing Candle Kit

CandlesAnother great way to show you care about her is to get her a kit of candles for her birthday. Maybe this gift can be in combination with a bath and body kit (see top of this page). She can relax in the bath and fire up her new candles and really enjoy herself. If you want to get modern, a great way to do it is with electronic candles. They look almost real, often times are made with real scented wax that provides a great aroma, and can come with a auto-off time and/or remote control.

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  1. Jeremy

    I got my mom a home made card (as if I were still a kid although I am an adult now) for her birthday this year. Spent some time on it and I felt a little silly but she loved it! Inside I put a home made coupon for dinner out for just me and her. Just a thought for anyone looking to make their mom smile and who don’t care about being a little funny too.

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