50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

PresentHe’s finally turning 50 years old and you need to find him just the right gift so he’ll remember his 50th birthday forever. He’s over the “mid life crisis” age and accepted that he’s not a “spring chicken” anymore. So what do you get someone who is still young enough to enjoy life but has accepted he’s not the superman he once was? This can be a fairly difficult proposition. By the time most of our loved ones turn 50 years old, they have all the material things they need. If he’s wanted it at some point, he’s probably bought it by now. What you end up deciding on will depend a lot on what your loved one’s tastes are.

Don’t worry, I wont leave you hanging though, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best and most popular birthday gifts for a guy turning 50.

Where possible, I’ve provided links to where you can buy the item that we describe. Even if one of these items doesn’t seem exactly right for him, maybe it will spur other fantastic gift ideas and you can go off on your own to find just the right one for that special birthday boy… or should I say, man.

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 Emergency Road Side Kit

Emergency Road Side KitWhat guy doesn’t like being the hero of the day and having just the right thing when things go bad? Get him an emergency road side kit and he will always be prepared. Next time he saves the day when you are stranded on the side of the road, you can see him smile when you tell him that he’s your hero!


 Beer Brewing Kit

Beer Brewing KitMost men enjoy at least the occasional beer. How cool would it be to let him experiment and make his very own brew? After all, men are just big boys and boys love to get messy and do experiments. At least with this one he might even learn a thing or two about beer so he can sound a little smarter next time he is out with the guys and trying some new suds!


Authentic Sports Jersey

Football JerseyMost men have a favorite player, or at least a favorite sport they enjoy watching. Try this gift idea on for size: get him a quality jersey for his favorite sport team or player. He can have fun wearing it around the house while he’s relaxing on a Sunday and watching the game! If you really want to go all out you can get him an authentic signed jersey by his favorite player. For a good selection of jerseys (including authentic signed ones) click on the image above.

Cigar Sampler Pack

Cigar Sampler

If your birthday boy likes the occasional cigar while he’s relaxing, how about getting him a sampler pack of various cigars. You could even go with a kit like that one pictured above that includes a decorative wooden box and a cigar cutter. Tell him you want him to go all out and relax on his birthday by getting him a kit like the one pictured above.

Beef Jerky Sampler Gift Pack

Beef Jerky Sampler Pack

Men like meat. Most people know this already. Is your birthday boy a man’s man? How about a big kit of just about every flavor of beef jerky that you can imagine! This is a great gift idea and comes with multiple different packages of beef jerky. He’ll have a great time trying all the different types of jerky while reclining on his favorite man chair!

Custom Engraved Water Bottle or Other Item

Custom Made Water Bottles

If your guy is an athletic type of just health conscious, try getting him a customized engraved stainless steel water bottle. If this wouldn’t be for him, try going to a company that can engrave anything for him. Pick out your favorite gift from any store and bring it to an engraving shop where they can customize it with a personalized message or image. A popular place that will engrave just about anything for you is at Things Remembered.


  A Trip to the Casino’s… or Even Las Vegas!

Trip to Las Vegas

Let’s face it, just about every guy likes to feel like the “big man.” How about you plan a trip for just you and him (or even him and a few friends) to a casino! If you really want to go all out you can plan a trip to Las Vegas where he can gamble and be a guy for a day (or week). If you really want to make this gift special, include a stack of cash with a hotel reservation confirmation wrapped up in a box. TIP: Make it small bills wrapped together so it looks like more cash.

Whatever your ideas is, just make sure it is all about him. After all, it’s his 50th birthday and that only comes around once! Show him that he is the king for the day with your gift and he wont soon forget his special day.

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