Best Websites for Free Birthday eCards

Great Free eCardsAn E-card is a wonderful way to say ‘Happy Birthday’ to a friend or family member on their special day, especially if you’re unable to see them, without having to spend any money. While some E-card sites do charge for their services, there are plenty that are free to use and offer a great selection of high quality E-cards to celebrate someone’s birthday.

Here you will find a list of the all time best websites for making free birthday eCards!

The Best Free Birthday eCard Sites

Punchbowl – Punchbowl is an extremely easy to use site that offers hundreds of free designs that can be personalized with custom greetings and designs such as liners, postage, and rubber stamps. With Punchbowl’s E-cards, you get the look and feel of traditional paper cards in a digital card format.

Doozycards – While not all the cards on Doozycards are free, you can find a great selection that are. You can shuffle through the categories and find which cards are free or simply select to see all free cards from the Free Card Page.

Free Birthday eCards

However, if you see a premium E-card you’ll like to send, you can always sign up for Doozycard’s 10-day free trial

which makes you a premium member and gives you access to additional features on the site such as birthday reminders and a personal address book. You’ll have to remember to cancel your trial before the 10 day period is up in order to avoid having your credit card being charged, as you do have to provide a credit card upon signing up.

WrongCards – This is the perfect option for someone who’s witty and sarcastic and would appreciate that particular type of humor while they celebrate their birthday. WrongCards has categories such as “Zombies” and “Excuses” that are full of wit.

SomeeCards – “Some eCards” is very similar to WrongCards as it also offers funny E-cards for every occasion, especially birthdays. New card design, categories, and features are being added frequently. Some eCards here allow customization and you can create your own while adding a personalized message.

123Greetings – is another great free E-card site that offers a wonderful selection of designs for every birthday. You can even upload your self-made E-cards to 123Greetings and have them featured on the site for others to see. You can customize an E-card from their site and add your owl personal message by using their advanced text editor.

Once you’ve decided on an E-card and personalized it, you can have it sent immediately to its recipient or at a later date up to 60 days in the future. Each E-card can be sent to up to 100 people. While you don’t have to register with 123Greetings to create E-cards, registering is free and those who make an account can access additional features such as getting reminders for birthdays, upcoming events, and holidays.

Imaginary eCards – They have a selection of over 900 eCards that vary in nature-inspired designs. There are many categories available and can be sent within minutes of your choosing.

Hallmark – Hallmark offers eCards that you’ll have to pay to send, but they also offer a great selection of E-cards that are free. All you have to do is pick the occasion and select any of the cards that are marked “Free”. With Hallmark, you can email your E-cards or have them posted to Facebook.

Rattlebox – Offers over a thousand customizable video E-cards that can easily be sent to the recipients email or over IM. You can also post the E-cards on a blog or even on a social networking site such as Facebook. You don’t have to register with Rattlebox to make an E-card on their site but it’s free to do so if you decide to.

eCardica – The great thing about eCardica is that their E-cards are free and don’t feature any advertisements like others do. eCardica has E-card designs that are flash based as well as ones that are simply photos and allow you to attach a message to.

eCardster – This is great for those looking to be able to personalize their E-cards a bit more. eCardster allows creators to upload their own images and create an E-card based around that (or simply choose an image from their gallery if preferred).

In addition to being able to add a custom image, you’ll also be able to change the font and font color, pick through various border designs and send the finished E-card to up to 5 recipients. For those that uploaded their own image, you’ll have the option of adding that same image to the site’s gallery where others will be able to use it; uploaded images are reviewed and added within 72 hours if approved.

Other Options for Free Birthday eCards

If you happen to not find an E-card style that you like, you could always make one of your own using Paint, Photoshop, or any other editor that allows you to make graphics and have complete creative control over the E-card’s design and style. You’ll be able to save these right to your computer and send them to the recipient’s email whenever you wish.

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