Birthday Ideas for Someone Who Doesn’t Want a Party

"No Parties Allowed!"A birthday is something that should be celebrated, but not everyone wants to have a huge party or celebration. If you want to throw a party for someone that is close to you, but you want to accommodate their wishes of avoiding a large and lavish event, there are some other options that you and small a group of people can enjoy. You may even want to do something more personal, between just the two of you.

The important thing is that you can still show the person you care about their special day by putting in the planning and work to make the day special. Just because you wont be planning a party doesn’t mean that the event can’t truly be special. The fact that you took the birthday boy or girls wishes of not having a party into consideration and STILL made the day fun will show true love and dedication to that person.

There are many options to choose when celebrating a birthday that don’t involve a party, you just need to think outside the box.

Wine Tasting with a Select Few

Wine TastingIf the loved one who’s birthday it is has a small group of family and friends that they wouldn’t mind celebrating with, or if you want something romantic for just the two of you, wine tasting is a great treat. You can sit and enjoy tasting a variety of great wine, you can have meals or appetizers, depending on what the venue offers, and it’s a great way to celebrate the birthday. Most vineyards or wine bars are quiet and conservative, so you don’t have to worry about it turning into a loud or rowdy affair.


An Intimate Brunch

Brunch with FriendsA lot of people will expect a surprise birthday party in the evening, and they will see it coming at a home or a restaurant. Having an intimate brunch with just a few guests or the immediate family is very enjoyable. You can enjoy a meal together in the calmness of day, you can have mimosas or other drinks if you want a more formal celebration, and it doesn’t seem like a party in any way. It’s usually easy to get people together for a brunch and the birthday boy or girl isn’t going to suspect you are trying to secretly lead them into a huge surprise party.


Boat Ride or Carriage Ride

Carriage RideDo you live in an area where you can rent a boat, or get a tour with a wagon or carriage? Either of these activities is going to be very relaxing, and it’s a great way to celebrate without having a large party. This is great for couples, or for two people to do with another couple, or small group. You can choose to celebrate on the ride if you want, with a dessert or gifts, but everything will still be casual and low key. If you already own a boat or live by a nearby lake, you may want to try a different option. But for those of us who don’t do this kind of thing normally, this could be a great way to celebrate a birthday without a party being involved.

Family Dessert Bar

Dessert BarThe birthday boy or girl may not want a large party, but having the family over for dessert isn’t a party and still can be tons of fun! Setting up an ice cream bar where you can choose what toppings you want, or having cupcakes that you can frost or top on your own is fun. You just have to make sure that you have all of the desserts that the person you are celebrating for loves. If they don’t want a party or gifts, make sure that you express this before people come over. You can do cheesecake, fondue and more.


Intimate Getaway

Resort TripIf your other half doesn’t want to have a get together with anyone, then why not plan an intimate get away together. This could be at a nice resort where you can spend the weekend together, or just a day at the spa if the two of you don’t have a lot of time to go out of town. You can do reservations at a fancy or secluded restaurant for just the two of you, or you can get tickets to a show. Leave your phones and electronics behind, and make an intimate time for the two of you to celebrate.


Not everyone loves a party, and if you have already been told that a fiftieth birthday party isn’t wanted, make sure that you don’t go out of your way to put one together. Try one of these low key options, to still show them that you care about their monumental day.

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