Easy 50th Birthday Cake Ideas

When you’re designing a birthday cake for that special 50 year old in your life it can be a pretty big deal. We are not all expert cake makers, so some of us need simple and easy birthday cake ideas that anyone can do!

For many being 50 marks the time when they have potentially reached the halfway point of their life making it a huge step.

You want to make this as special and memorable as possible so that they can remember it fondly since it’s such a big moment! The best place to start is with some simple and easy 50th birthday cake ideas. By making some small additions to a regular cake, you can make it a truly spectacular birthday cake! 

 Trick Birthday Candles

50 Count Trick Birthday CandlesOne of the best and easiest ideas you can have is to make a cake that is linked more to their childhood. By making a cake that is more funny than serious you will take away some of the feelings of growing older and remind them what life was like when they were young. One of the best ways to do this is to buy trick candles for the cake. Design a very plain cake but make sure to buy candles that will relight themselves after being blown out. While this might seem like it wouldn’t be an amazing cake, for someone older it can make their birthday so much better because it will give them a reminder of what childlike fun they can still be having. The whole family can share in the laughs as they try to blow the candles out, repeatedly, without success!

 50 Individual Candles on the Cake

50th Birthday Candle blueSomething as simple as making a cake that actually has 50 candles that make up the number 50 can be impressive as well.

This ideas is more likely to please those that are possibly a little more bitter in their age. By doing something as simple as this you are demonstrating that you at the least took time in designing their cake and didn’t just throw it together in no time flat. You’ll allow them to feel special without forcing anything on them.

Other great ideas for cakes are ideas based mostly around designing the cake for the age specifically. Things like a cake cut into a giant “50” or even just writing on the cake and giving a short talk about how great the person turning 50 is can be effective.

Easy Sprinkles Template

Sprinkles Template Thumbnail

Click above to download the Easy Sprinkles Template

A great, fun, and easy way to make a simple cake extraordinary is to use a “sprinkles template” to add a giant “50” to the birthday cake. Simply print out the provided template (below), cut out the giant “50” on the page, place it over the frosting of the cake, and add sprinkles! You’ll be left with a great looking customized cake in under five minutes! Just make sure the sprinkles are edible (Hint: DON’T use standard glitter!)

Download the Easy Sprinkles Template Pictured


 Custom Tailored Cake

Porsche Custom CakeAnother great cake you could make would be one that caters to them on a more personal level. Of course people like us can’t make anything like this, so hire a cake maker!

Finding something that they like and playing on it with the cake’s decoration and theme will give them a feeling that you truly care about making their 50th birthday one to remember. If they are a huge football fan for instance then having small football designs all over the cake is going to not only make them feel young again but also will feel like the cake was custom made just for them! Even if you only go as far as to put a figure of a football player on the cake or if they’re a science person a rocket, things of this nature are great for making their 50th birthday one that makes them feel young, just one more time.

 Joke Cake

Old Fart 50th Birthday CakeEven something as small as putting an off the side joke into the cake can often be enough to please your 50 year old. If you decide that trick candles and making a more personalized cake aren’t exactly what you want then you can turn to just making a simple joke.

Things making light of their age are generally welcome depending on the person’s sense of humor. Things like a pseudo eye exam on the side of the cake can be hilarious for them and for you because it pokes fun of their age while keeping things light and happy. Here’s an example eye exam to use as a guide. Another great idea is putting their original birth date into the cake design. While it might seem simple if you work to make it an entertaining cake based on who they are from there then you can genuinely come away with a great cake that will remind them of their life.

Final Tips

When you are coming up with 50th birthday cake ideas you can be fairly open as to what you can and cannot do. Birthday cakes in general are something that you can generally be very creative with and something that can be tailored to the individual’s personal needs and desires rather than something that is just plain and straightforward.

You should base the cake around the person and not just around what you want or what you think is the best idea. Instead tailor the cake to things that will make them happy and will make their birthday that much better because it is their special day and they should be honored on it.

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  1. for my dad’s birthday we used 50 individual candles. just be careful cause we almost burned the house down! lol. It was pretty fun though watching him blow all those candles out!

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