Funny Birthday Greetings

Funny Birthday GreetingTurning 50 years old is not something that most people look forward to, after all its halfway to 100! Jokes about being “over the hill” and a fading memory are the usual staples for birthday greetings for someone turning 50. While there are many printed birthday cards available, cards don’t always send the right message, and the best solution to this problem is to write a personalized and funny birthday greeting.

When writing a birthday message for someone turning 50, try to write from the heart, but keep it lighthearted. Be sure to keep the relationship with the recipient in mind, and while being funny is a great way to ease the pain of turning the big five zero, keep it respectful, especially if the greeting is for a coworker or supervisor. Sharing a personal memory or experience is always a good idea if the card is for a close personal friend.

Examples of funny birthday greetings for people turning 50:


“Once you’re over the hill you start to pick up speed.”

“I want you to know that you are my hero, since you still have both your own knees!”

“You haven’t really lived until you’ve had a hip replaced.”

“Now that you are 50 you’re heading in a new direction, sadly, so is your butt.”

“Now that you are 50 years old you can tell people, “Yeah, I’ve been there, done that” as much as you like. However, if you do it too often people may think you’re actually 100.”

“Turning 50 marks a time in your life when you begin to realize that people don’t really notice you any longer, but there is a solution to the problem; pee in public.”

“Once you’ve reached 50 years old you have reached the part of life that the 30-year olds won’t know for another 20 years; just think of all the nonsense they still have to go through.”

“Turning 50 is best looked at from several angles. For example: it’s only half a century; it has only been 25 years since you turned 25; and if you reverse 50 you’re only 05 years old, so put on some adult diapers and go take a nap.”

“One day can make a big difference. Yesterday you were just a kid at 49.”

“Get out your reading glasses so you can read my message – Happy birthday you old goat, you really only look 50 in the daylight.”

“You only turn 50 once, so do something crazy, something a little wild, something no one who knows you would ever suspect you of doing, like cleaning the freaking house.”

“If you haven’t grown up by now you’ll never have to.”

“The best form of birth control for people over 50 is letting some else see you naked.”

“Fifty is a commanding age for most women. You can set off the sprinkler system with just your hot flashes.”

“Now that you are 50 you have probably discovered that time is a wonderful healer, but a lousy beautician.”

“After turning 50 years old life seems much shorter, so there’s no point in spending it by trying to disappear by dieting.”

“At 50 years old you finally got your head together, unfortunately now it’s your body that’s not cooperating.”

“Don’t think of it as menopause, think of it as having multiple opportunities each day to take a short tropical vacation.”

“Now that you have turned 50 you are halfway up the stairway to heaven, in Led Zeppelin years.”

Funny Birthday Greeting 2

Remember that coming up with your own humorous greeting to add to a birthday card, invitation, or banner is always a good route to go. Feel free to take one of the examples above a modify it to suit your birthday boy or girl. No matter where your birthday planning takes you, taking a little extra time to come up with a funny birthday greeting is sure fire way to bring smiles to the faces of everyone who reads it!

“They say: Make ’em laugh and they’ll love you forever! In your case, that’s only a few more years!”

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