How to Plan a 50th Surprise Party

Surprise Birthday PartySometimes no amount of planning will surprise a truly suspicious birthday boy or girl. It can seem as if this person is always one-step ahead of everyone else and always knows what’s up before it happens. For those who are trying to plan a fun and surprise 50th birthday celebration for someone like that, do not fret if they find out ahead of time. However, part of the fun is taking extra care in making sure they really do not find out about the surprise. The surprise may be a trip to Paris, it could be a diamond ring they have been admiring for years, or it could be a reunion with a long lost relative. Not matter what the surprise is, this is a great opportunity to make their 50th birthday celebration one they will never forget if you can manage to keep the secret.

Ironing Out the Party Details

For those who are planning to throw a 50th birthday party for your loved one, it is important to start planning as soon as possible. That way, it is possible to gather as many people together as feasible. Before the invitations go out, make sure the budget is set first. Then, determine the theme of the party, as well as where the party will take place. Once these details are ironed out, it will be easier to construct the guest list. During the planning process, ask yourself:

• Where is the party going to take place?
• How many people can fit in the venue?
• What is the theme of the party?
• What is the budget of the party? Is anyone else helping with the costs?
• Is anyone else helping with the planning?
• What foods should be served? Should the party be catered or should it be potluck?
• Should we bake the cake or hire a cake baker?
• Should alcohol be served at the party?
• Does a DJ, videographer, or photographer need to be hired?
• Do tables, chairs, a dance floor, or decorations need to be rented for the venue?

Surprise Dance

Going With the Flow

The bottom line when throwing a 50th birthday celebration is to go with the flow and have fun. Even for those who are not having a party and who are celebrating in their own way, or using one of the suggestions above, the idea is to have a stress free celebration. There are going to be problems, plans are going to go awry, and there are going to be snags in preparations. These things are going to happen because nothing goes perfectly and, if people are prepared for that, the day will go so much more smoothly. Going with the flow and staying relaxed allows the birthday boy or birthday girl to not only have happy memories attached to their monumental 50th celebrations, but fun ones as well.

Final Tips

No matter if this is a low-key event or a full-blown celebration with a band and strobe lights, the idea is to make the birthday boy or girl the center of attention. Whether they love a lot of attention or minimal, they deserve to feel special in their own way on their 50th birthday. Using any one of the ideas above, or ideas that are inspired by them, will help achieve that goal. While some people love a lot of fan fair, it is important to remember that some people do not. So, when going through lists like these, keep in mind what the birthday boy or girl’s interests are so you are not pushing them out of their comfort zones. That way, they are truly enjoying every moment of their birthday celebration and not just going through the motions so they don’t make the people around them feel bad.

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