Making a Great Birthday Toast

A Toast to GeorgeThe birthday boy or girl is finally turning the big 5-0, or maybe some other equally noteworthy milestone. You’ve planned out the party, gathered friends and family, decorated the house, and spent countless hours cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

Now it’s dinner and all the pressure seems to be on you to come up with the cutest, smartest, or maybe the most romantic toast to the subject of this momentous celebration. You spent a lot of time and effort planning this extravagant party, and now all eyes will be on you to deliver a toast with some great birthday wishes.

Below you will find some key points to keep in mind when creating your toast. Read over these tips and suggestions, put a little thought into it (as you have with the rest of the birthday planning), and your effort will show in a fabulous toast that leaves everyone smiling.

Also if you don’t know the correct order of how to execute the toast, take a look at How to Correctly Make a Birthday Toast.

Write an Outline

Taking the time to write an outline when creating your birthday toast will help ensure that the thoughts and feelings you express flow in a logical and well structured manner. It will also allow you to reorder the speech if you think up something great to add in at a later point.

Speech Outline
An example speech outline. I made this when planning my husband George’s birthday toast.

It’s best to only have an outline when planning a speech such as the birthday toast. The reason is this: if you write out the speech word for word, it’s going to be obvious you are reciting a script when you are making the toast. The best way is to have only an outline or a rough idea of how you want your speech to go. If the thought of this makes you nervous, you can create a fairly detailed outline to calm your nerves. Anything is better than a script you recite.

 Personalize It

The most memorable toasts are typically the type that include personal aspects about the subject of the toast. One that shares short stories about the persons past or insight into their personal life is a toast that will really get the glasses raised.

A great way to approach this is to think up something funny or amazing that the person did in their past. Did they save a family dog from drowning? Stop and help a little old lady fix a flat on the side of the road in the pouring rain? How about a time where they were attempting to paint their room as a child and made a huge mess? These are all great ideas for really making the toast a personal one. A personalized toast is sure to get the birthday boy or girl smiling.

Importance of Including Humor

Funny Toast
Humor is the best ingredient to any toast.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to include at least some humor in your speech. The toast itself seems so serious in the beginning; you are getting everyone’s attention, making them be quiet, and all eyes are on you. Adding a little levity to the toast you make will really lighten the mood and make the atmosphere a fun and positive one.

A great way to approach this is to brain storm some funny memories you have about the subject of the speech. If you can’t think of any, try reaching out to friends or family who have known the person much of their lives. A best friend, brother, sister, or parent is sure to have some dirt on your birthday boy or girl!

Just make sure the same story isn’t used twice! If you do get your story from someone else make certain to tell them that you plan to use it during a dinner time toast.

Make the Conclusion Thoughtful and Inlcude Birthday Wishes

The end of the toast is probably the most important. It’s the time where you bring the conversation briefly back to a serious note even if you just finished making the room burst out laughing from some hilarious stories.

Great ideas for the conclusion of a toast is to express to the person how much you love and care about them. Tell them how much they mean to every single person in the room and everyone came to their birthday party today because of that. Include some heartfelt birthday wishes for a fantastic birthday and another great year to come! Make eye contact with the person as you are telling him or her these thoughtful things.

However you approach the conclusion, end it in a classy way: Something along the lines of “so tonight we toast to you, George!” and hold up your glass. This will be a very classy way to end a speech that may have had some goofy humor, a few jokes, and a whole lot of love included in it.

Follow these tips, put some thought into the toast, and you are sure to leave everyone in the room smiling!

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