Why Turning 50 is Great!

Happy 50th BirthdayNo matter how old people get, the fear associated with ageing never seems to fade away. The 50th birthday seems to give most people quite a hard time because they feel older and some say, not a whole lot wiser. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be like that. Turning 50 is a huge deal for a variety of reasons and transitioning into the second half of the century can be quite fun as well. After all, even Facebook now makes it impossible to hide your age. So embrace it! Here are a few reasons why hitting 50 years is a big deal:


No Makeup Equates to Being Beautiful

Luckily, Meryl Streep’s character was wrong in ‘August: Osage County’ when she said that women lose their charm as they age and need makeup to help them out. After all, the movie was pure fiction. Turning 50 means that grace is a given thing. The wonderful thing about the age is that there is no need to hunt the shelves for the best products. Some lip balm and kohl is all a woman needs to look vivacious and graceful at the same time. Not to mention, the wonderful examples that are available to support this argument like Elizabeth Taylor and Hillary Clinton.

50 Years of Wisdom

The signs of ageing can be hidden with all the wonderful anti-ageing products in the market but that doesn’t mean the wisdom has to be done away with as well. With age comes wisdom and wise ideas, and with the 50th birthday comes half a decade of knowledge on wonderful and practical things. Things like cooking the perfect gravy, playing golf with precision, visiting most wonders of the world, having the perfect gift ideas for everyone are all a given at this age. In fact, turning 50 can be quite a relief for most people because it gives them bragging rights for the groundbreaking things they have done in their life. Wisdom worth half a decade also brings a quiet confidence with itself and the anticipation of that magic wisdom makes turning 50 a huge deal.

More Time For Things That Matter

Most people who have turned 50 reveal that a surprising focus on the happiness of others and the greater good comes with this age. Things that are important or have been important to people for a long time suddenly become a possibility. Nothing seems impossible – opening a quaint little bakery shop, journey around the world, taking tap dancing lessons, learning to make the perfect chewy cookies – all are within grasp and seem to be just a wink away. Also, causes that are important like helping the poor, teaching blind kids, volunteering at the old folks home and donating resources become possible too because of the amount of time that has opened up.

Less Worries About Public Opinion

It’s not that people don’t learn how to cultivate an opinion before turning 50 but this age shocks them into reality – they have lived for half a decade and have just about seen it all. Nothing seems to worry people when they hit 50 and because the pressure from worrying about public opinion lifts, life seems easier and much more fun. Not to mention, it is okay to make statements like “I know more things than you, I’m 50!” in an argument and win it!

Stability and Assurance

The time before 50 runs at breakneck speed. It involves looking for a house, looking for the perfect job, finding the perfect soul mate, worrying about settling down and similar things. However, the 50th birthday is for enjoying the hard work put in the years gone by. It is the time to live in that perfect house and congratulate self on the things done right, enjoy a quiet evening reading Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson with that soul mate that was so difficult to find, and enjoying other perks of living a hardworking life. Basically, stability is beautiful when done in the right way and 50 years of living can make stability absolutely brilliant.

Vacationing at 50

All The Money in the World

Before 50, people try to earn as much money as they can so that they can live a happy and fulfilling life. After turning 50, it is time to enjoy that money. Nothing is too expensive to buy anymore because all the needs have been met. It is time to enjoy the ‘wants’ and forget about the ‘needs’. Life after hitting 50 is sheer luxury and it is time to enjoy that side of life. It could also be the time for making a few wise investments to prepare for the years to come. But this time, making those investments would not be so nerve wracking, thanks to the wisdom and the stability that this age has brought with itself.

More Time to Read and Pursue Other Hobbies

Hitting 50 is not just a time to focus on things that matter but it is also a phase where enjoying the little things becomes equally important. There is a certain level of peace associated with this age, and that means more time to appreciate reading, writing, cooking, gardening, watching sports, walking, working out and all other hobbies that people enjoy. Even a simple walk can become such an experience when there is no hurry to rush back home for inconsequential things that used to be bothersome before hitting this age.

There are many other reasons why hitting 50 is a big deal but they are different for different people, and that is quite probably the best thing about turning 50. So if you are the birthday boy or girl, congratulations! You have entered arguably the best era of your life.

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  1. Scott Markel

    I just turned 50 years old last week! This is by far my favorite decade so far. Financially I have things figured out (finally) and lucky me, I also get to spend time with grand kids! No one should be upset about turning 50 years old by any means. It really does feel great. Just remember to stay fit and enjoy life.

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